About Neharikas

     Neharikas Bridal Studio is started with an intention of providing the best possible fashion dress code for women’s who loves Bridal Blouses, Aari & Zari Work, Pearl Work, Pattern Work, Simple Work, Fashion Work and party lovers to select the perfect blouses & fashion wear for all the occasion.

     We offer an expert design & fit, use high quality fabrics & attention to each and every customer selecting the perfect Blouses. Those looking for stylish, elegant blouse to flaunt their date will also find the dress of their dreams at our store.
Every girl dreams of a fashion dresses & customization- It’s all here at “Neharikas”

     A breath taking bridal lounge atmosphere, which allows a leisure browse. Our consultants will help you & answer any question regarding the selection of designer’s collection.

     High quality, individual attention is what every client needs & deserves. Our expert alterations department offers professionally trained seam dresses to custom fit the blouses & they are done right on the premises.

Our Brand Strength

  • Promising to entrust your dreams
  • Consistent quality and Innovative designing.
  • To make every women very unique on design
  • Commitment towards delivery
  • World Wide and extensive distribution presence
  • Value for money pricing
  • 100% creative with personal care

Why buy from Neharikas

  • We are the only successful online designer to give your wedding Blouse in a scheme to get all our loving girls so easy.
  • We give the maximum designs of blouses for the importance you pay us when compared to other offline & online boutiques.
  • Despite maintaining high quality standards, we also offer the lowest prices for Designer Blouse, Pattern Blouses and Embroidery Blouses with our prices are fixed.
  • We don‘t charge anything extra for credit card and debit card payments. So, the net effect is the same as cash payment.
  • Though we give no gifts along with your purchase, what we offer in terms of value is far superior to any gift you may get.
  • We have Schemes to suit your wedding blouse, ranging from Rs.5000/- onwards.
  • We have a separate section in our boutique that takes orders based on the design you select.
  • We also do exclusive & unique custom designed blouses within a short period.
  • We take care to commence work on creating of “Mugurtham Blouse” during auspicious times only.
  • You are free to voice your opinions or register your complaints directly to the Director on her personal e-mail Id – info@neharikas.com, Efforts will be taken to rectify such complaints immediately.
  • Join us in spreading the light of knowledge!

Note :-

The purpose of this tiding is not to merely advertise and increase the Sales of Neharikas.com. We want to educate as many people as possible on the basics of buying blouses at the right price & place. We kindly request your support in our endeavor.

Please share this tiding with your contacts so that knowledge & awareness on this online blouse scheme is spread to one and all. Take our word; you will be thanked by the beneficiaries for helping them save their hard earned money while buying wedding blouses.

Also, please feel free to ask for hand copies which are available in our boutique. Remember, this is a ‘first of its kind’ activity in the designing industry and we are sure you would love to join hands with us. Go ahead, spread the light. Thanking you in advance!