How To Take Blouse Measurements

      “Sarees and Blouses is the traditional wear in South Asia especially in India. It has different ways of wearing style that depends upon the state, region and community. The saree blouse is the most elegant and beautiful wear. It can be worn for different occasions, in different ways to give you a different look each time. Saree is always worn with Blouse. Here is the tutorial for how to measure the Saree Blouse Measurements.”

Measurements Needed

Here Neharika provide the list of measurement that will be used for Blouse Measurements.Check your measurements that we needed.

  • Front Length
  • Waist
  • Across Back
  • Armhole
  • Sleeve Length
  • Front Neck Nepth
  • Back Length
  • Chest
  • Shoulder Approximately
  • Across Front
  • Round Arm
  • Back Neck Depth

How To Take Measurements From Your Body

Front Measurement
Back Measurement

How To Take Measurements from blouse

        Saree blouse is worn along with a sari, as its name suggests. As soon as a sari is bought matching blouse is stitched. Blouse can be of the colour of the border of the sari or the colour of body of the sari. People who are short it is advisable to wear the blouse that matches the body of the sari. Contrast colour blouses can be worn along with plain sari. Blouse with cute prints looks good with a plain sari. Sari blouses should be created with a full opening either in the front or in the back.

       There are many varieties of blouses. They may have long or short sleeves or sleeveless and the blouse length can vary from very short to waist length with varieties of necklines and back patterns.

     Saree blouse is a tight fitting garment. It should be custom made. I have explained here the basic method of drafting a sari blouse. It is advisable to prepare a paper draft and then the fabric is cut. A trial blouse is stitched first with a cheap material. There might be some wrinkles here and there which can be corrected in the paper draft while stitching the next blouse.

     The difficult part in stitching sari blouse is attaching the sleeves to the body. I feel it is better to attach the sleeves to the body with running stitch. Stitch the sides of sleeves and sides of the body also with running stitch. Wear the blouse and check for any wrinkles. Corrections can be made at this point. When you are satisfied with the fitting machine stitch the blouse. Thus the blouse draft can be standardized.


Steps To Take Measurements

           Here we provide step to take measurements of your body fit with blouses.We’ve Made It Simple For You With Neharikas Measurement Guide. Learn To Measure Saree Blouse with these 3 Blouse Measurement Steps. This Will Help You Record The Right Indian Saree Blouse Measurement and Fittings.