Save N Blouses

Advance Bridal Blouse Purchase Plan

No more dreams, only reality without pulling your available funds. Just spare a fixed sum affordable to you every month and advance the same for your future dream to creat a Bridal Blouse Work from Trust Worthy “NEHARIKAS”. At present blouse has become a very important creative in the day-to-day life to raise one’s look & Status. To fetch them you should have money power. It is very difficult to buy them at once. Hence with our “NEHARIKAS” you can fetch them without any difficulty, after 11 months with your advance payments…

In NEHARIKAS, the member has to make advance payments for 11month with a minimum of Rs.1000 & in multiples of Rs.500,with a fixed monthly advance payment. The advance payment cannot be extended for more than 11 months. 11 month’s advance payment should be completed within 11 months from the date of the first advance payment without fail. This should be strictly adhered to, and nobody can supersede this. After completion of 11 month’s advance payments, within stipulated time, you are eligible for a purchase,No additional charges except for some design codes & Accesories.

Design code* :

Aari&Zari Work, Pattern Work, Bridal Work, Fashion Work, Embroidery Work, Pearl Work and other Special items with additional accesories & customization on Blouses needed.


How do I pay?

The monthly advance payments can be remitted by you before 10th of every month by cash in any one of the payment mode.We also accept Demand Draft’s Local Cheques on all days in a week. The amount can be paid by cash, at par cheques, demand drafts, Debit cards and/ Credit cards, Bank service charges will be collected on actual for credit cards. You can also have an option to use the automatic electronic system ECS for payment of instalments and you can avoid your monthly visit to the Bridal Studio just for the purpose of remitting monthly advance payments.Online payment can also be made and the receipt will be sent through mobile text or E-mail. The details of these facilities will be furnished to you at the time of
opening of the account and on your request. You can also close your account at a prior notice with our call centre.


What if I don’t pay continuously?

The advance payment cannot be extended beyond the 11th month’s period. The plan will be discontinued as per terms mentioned above in the event of any default in the monthly advance payments. Hence it is requested to the member to pay the advance payments continuously without fail. In the event of the member non making any one advance payment during the tenure and for next 2 months, the plan will be discontinued automatically from that month, and will not be entitled for refund & NO Additional charges as per terms mentioned above.


Is my monthly advance payment amount fixed?

Yes, your monthly advance payment amount is fixed. The first monthly advance payment should be the same till the last month advance payment.